• MADRE produced 6 White papers addressing 6 different topics very crucial in the urban and peri-urban contexts: social, farmers, transnational and territorial innovation and academic research.

    They all consist in a general description of the topic, in a discussion arising from the project and a final policy recommendation section.

    target group(s): General public

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    • Social innovation. A white paper underlining food oriented social innovation to alleviate poverty and to integrate vulnerable collectives and community-building.
    • Farmers’ innovation. A white paper facing the adaptation of local knowledge, the integration of scientific advances and the development of new ways to manage resources and distribute agricultural products.
    • Transnational innovation. A white paper raising awareness on the importance of local food systems, exchange best practices between metropolises and advocate for better policies at all governmental levels.
    • Territorial innovation. A white paper facing the imporance of maintaining agriculture in rural and peri-urban areas and re-introducing it in urban areas.
    • Academic research. A White Paper discussing on the diverse dimensions and disciplines of the academic research in the context of urban and peri-urban agriculture.