The agrifood sector is well represented whitin the Green Growth Community, reflecting the relevance of this sector in our society. Rising global populations and food demand, water scarcity and contamination,

soil degradation and the negative externalities of the agribusiness sector are but a few of the challenges that Europe, and especially the Mediterranean, are faced with.


Common Results

  • Training material in e-form about the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil (EVOO)  and phenolic compounds, the factors influencing the phenolic content of EVOO and a guide for the production of EVOO with high phenolic content;
  • ES-KPIs Economic and Social Key Performance Indicators to merge PEF (Product Environmental Footprint) with Social Footprint & Product Social Identity;
  • Methodology for transferring CAMARG project’s results;
  • Product Environmental Footprint Tool to facilitate the elaboration of PEF studies in the olive oil, bottled water and wine sectors;
  • Info-sheets – technological and management solutions for companies willing to improve their environmental and socio-economic profile;
  • Report containing a description of PEFMED project, a summary of all the pilot case studies performed and a final project position paper.