Capitalisation outcomes

The Community supports projects in their communication and capitalisation efforts through our Green Growth Capitalisation Platform, thus increasing their impact at the policy level and ensuring their potential transfer and replication of results to other territories.

The Community has developed 4 policy initiatives aimed at decision-makers and institutional bodies:

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Circular Economy White Papers

The 5 technical reports present the Thematic Working Groups and their projects, as well as the horizontal cooperation approach in transitioning towards Green Growth and a Mediterranean Circular Economy.

Policy Recommendations

The Community’s Policy Recommendations provides a holistic, integrated and cooperation-based framework for the development of circular economies. It involves various actors across different phases (production, consuption, management of waste, re-use of waste as secondary raw material) and scales (local, regional, national, European).

The paper presents 17 policy recommendations and 33 suggested interventions clustered around the following 6 thematic areas:

– Investments and access to finance
– Technological infrastructure
– Labour market and employment
– Awareness and knowledge
– Cooperation among stakeholders and technology transfer
– Cross-cutting issues

Legal Recommendations

The Legal Recommendations establish the procedure, methodology and roadmap for the formulation of Legal Recommendations over the project’s future phases.

It describes how the Green Growth Community’s work can be homogenized to inform legal recommendations that can address some of the key regulatory barriers that are inhibiting the transition to a circular economy.

Catalogue of project’s actionable knowledge

This document presents factsheets for each of the 14 Modular Projects providing insights into the problems addressed, projects’ solutions, best practices, lessons learnt and recommendations.

Green Book

The Green Growth Book supports the Community’s 14 modular projects in their future capitalisation and transferring activities.
It includes:

– Overview of the Interreg MED Green Growth’s horizontal SYNGGI project (2016-2019) and an introduction to the Green Growth Community
– Description of the Green Growth Community’s capitalisation approach and a list of the modular projects’ completed and future capitalisation activities
– Recommendations for future capitalisation processes.

Catalogue of projects results

This document maps all transferrable results from the 14 Modular Projects of the GGC systematising the specific features of each result, as well as their challenges, transfer and capitalisation potential and evaluation by end-users in an integrated document.