The Green Growth Indexes (GG Indexes) aim to measure the impact of the Modular Projects of the Interreg MED Green Growth Community (GG Community) on three main aspects of green growth - environment, society and economy - in the Mediterranean area.
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The Indexes are based on indicators selected from existing dashboards and measures used by international actors (GGGI, OECD, European Union, World Bank, UNEP, European LIFE projects etc.), and adapted to the thematic areas of the GG Community. In some cases, new indicators were created to accommodate the distinct characteristics of the Modular Projects.


The programme level indicators

They include a general set of indicators provided by the Interreg MED Programme that focus on general issues, such as the countries involved, economic activities targeted, environmental tools used to promote green growth and stakeholders involvement. The InterregMED Programme and Public Authorities can use these indicators to assess the impact of the financed projects in distinct areas of green growth.

The project level indicators

They focus on the potential areas of contribution of the Modular Projects to green growth and their impact on green growth promotion. These indicators are classified into three main categories domains: environment, economy and society. The impact of an indicator can be measured quantitatively if data is available, or qualitatively (high/medium/low impact) if numerical data cannot be obtained.


The information provided by Modular Projects has been aggregated to describe the impact of the entire Community both at programme level, in terms of governance of green growth actions, and in terms of contribution to environmental, social and economic aspects.


Countries involved in the project

Economic activities targeted

Environmental sectors targeted

Environmental tools

Types of actions

Investment priorities

Stackholders involved

Four types of stakeholders have been identified by the InterregMED Programme.
Each category can contribute to the promotion of the GG Community’s Modular Projects initiatives in different ways.

Public institutions


Decision makers / Policy makers

End-users / Target groups


Interreg MED projects are rather small and alone would not have the capacity to make big changes in the short term. They need more resources and time to have a great impact. As such, the Green Growth Community plays an important role in supporting the Modular Projects as a whole in the green growth field, facilitating an increased impact of these projects at territorial and policy level. A detailed and comprehensive report of the projects' impact at Programme level will be available soon for download.

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