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  • Training course material in e-form (ARISTOIL project)

    The ARISTOIL training course material in e-form provides an overview on Healthy value of VOO (vergin olive oil) and EVOO (extra vergin olive oil) and the Health claim associated to phenolic compounds (EU regulation). The document shows the results of analyzed samples and factors influencing phenolic content of EVOO. A decalogue for the production of EVOO with high phenolic content is also provided.

  • Product Environmental Footprint Tool (PEFMED project)

    The tools facilitate the elaboration of PEF studies in the olive oil, bottled water and wine sectors, all involved in PEFMED pilot phase, in compliance with the relevant PEF Category Rules (PEFCRs). These simplified tools help assessing the product life cycle hotspots, e.g. in terms of most critical phases, processes, and impact categories, and improvement potentials.

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    Best practice Catalogue and Platform on Urban and Peri-urban Agriculture (MADRE project)

    The Platform connects the actors involved in metropolitan agriculture and food systems in the Mediterranean and encourages projects sharing involving actors. The Catalogue highlights the best practices identified in the 6 metropolises associated with MADRE, in terms of farmers’ innovation, social innovation, consumer innovation, academic research, territorial innovation and transnational innovation.

  • Policy Paper_Towards sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean: the role of metropolitan agriculture (MADRE project)

    In line with this and other reference documents, MADRE Policy Paper addresses urban and peri-urban agriculture from a critical, proposal-oriented perspective with a special focus on Mediterranean metropolitan areas. Building from existing knowledge and successful practices in the region, the document gives a clear and succinct overview of the main challenges and opportunities of this issue.

  • White Papers for Metropolitan and Peri-urban Agriculture (MADRE project)

    MADRE produced 6 White papers addressing 6 different topics very crucial in the urban and peri-urban contexts: social, farmers, transnational and territorial innovation and academic research. They all consist in a general description of the topic, in a discussion arising from the project and a final policy recommendation section.

  • Methodology for the development of Electronic Green Public Procurement criteria (GRASPINNO project)

    This report represents the “methodology for developing green electronic procurement criteria” deliverable for GRASPINNO which describes part of the work undertaken in WP3 “Testing”. The main objective was the development of a methodology to be used for the development of electronic green public procurement criteria, including the identification of a) general specifications and standards for green eProcurement and b) green criteria that products/services should have.

Showing Results 1-10 of 24