As a results of the active involvement of Interreg MED Green Growth community and its projects, the Policy recommendations document aims to promote a framework for the development of circular economies, involving different actors across different phases (production, consumption, management of waste, re-use of waste as secondary raw material) and scales (local, regional, national, European).

In order to reach the goal to make Circular Economy (CE) simpler, more efficient and more competitive”, the document suggests to take a holistic, integrate and cooperative approach, by considering all the phases in which CE is structured, at different scales (from local to European) and considering a wide range of stakeholders involved in the implementation of CE models. Indeed, policies and interventions suggested are supposed to be implemented as a result of a cooperation among institutional, economic and social stakeholders.

The paper presents 17 policy recommendations and 33 suggested interventions clustered in the following 6 thematic areas:

  • Investments and access to finance
  • Technological infrastructure
  • Labour market and employment
  • Awareness and knowledge
  • Cooperation among stakeholders and technology transfer
  • Cross-cutting issues


Interreg Med Green Growth Community – Policy Recommendations