The Legal Recommendations report is one of the policy outputs of the Interreg MED Green Growth Community and the Horizontal project SYNGGI. Its purpose is to establish the procedure, the methodology and the roadmap for the formulation of the Legal Recommendations for the project’s future phases. 


The paper starts describing the Green Growth Community and the 4 Thematic Working Groups (TWGs) created to facilitate the synthesis and homogenization of the results of the 14 Modular Projects. In the second part, it is provided a focus on the circular economy concept and the need for legal recommendations. Some of the key regulatory barriers that still hamper the progress towards a change in the business model and the transition towards Circular Economy are, then, identified. 

Recognizing the importance to undertake a thorough and more holistic assessment of the actual potential for circularity, a roadmap and a methodology for measuring performance in achieving legal recommendation within TWGs is, finally, tracked.


The Med Green Growth Legal Recommendations Report