“Interreg MED Green Growth Community” is established in the framework of Interreg-MED programme with the aim to face the main challenges in the MED area, related to the topic of “Green Growth”.

A “Green Growth” leads to a sustainable development, promoting innovation on fields like agriculture and agri-business, bio-agriculture, bio-food, products’ transformation, valorization and commercialization. It also involves sectors like energy efficiency, green procurements, eco-innovation, waste management-recycling and smart cities.

The purpose of the Community is to produce unified findings that will become visible in the MED areas and beyond. European challenges and policies such as Agenda 2030, 2030 Climate and Energy framework and EU Circular Economy strategy have been considered for the Mediterranean “Green Growth”.

SYNGGI is the project aiming to unify project results, supporting MED stakeholders and creating a fruitful and collaborative environment for all implicated bodies.

The Platform as an interactive Capitalisation environment enhances all the available projects’ resources in the 5 main thematic areas of the Community: Agrofood, Eco-Innovation, Smart City, Waste Management, Green Growth Finance.

It is the first time that in such an extended scale more than 100 partners (research institutions, SME’s, governmental bodies, regional/national authorities) from more than 15 countries will exchange knowledge in the field of green growth.







Smart City




Waste Management





Green Growth Finance