Published: 28 January 2021 The Green Growth Community kicks off 2021 with a communication training

REVOLVE, the Green Growth Community (GGC) communication partner, organized an online training to discover storytelling techniques that inspire journalists. The session delivered by Patricia Carbonell, Project Manager at REVOLVE, and Silvia Brandi, CEO at Atlas of the Future, aimed at providing to the hundred attendees with guidance and tools to lead their project’s communication activities in the field of green and circular economy.

The trainers explained the main points of the storytelling technique to build impactful stories that engage the right audience. From the storytelling technique, they moved to how to pitch your story to a media and what are the key points to highlight to get your story out into the media. You can watch the whole session in case you missed it.

During the training, Patricia also shared the key communication materials that the GGC uses to spread their work and results, such as the communications kit including an overview of the Community’s work and achievements, as well as links to materials, graphics, and stories.

The session was open to the whole Interreg MED Community and any other initiatives or actors interested in the field of sustainability, green and circular economy, to get a sense of how to communicate more effectively and create synergies.

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