• The fundamental aim of ANCI’s activities is to represent and safeguard the municipalities’ interests, lobbying parliament, the government, regions, and Italian public administration and EU bodies.

    Specifically, ANCI:
    · participates, through its own representatives, in every institutional office where decisions concerning the interests of local authorities are taken
    · provides consultancy to municipalities, directly or through agreements or conventions
    · participates, as an employer, in the Italian Agency for Contractual Representation in the Public Sector (ARAN) in relation to the national labour contract for public employees
    · promotes studies and research on issues that affect municipalities and metropolitan cities, steering its own capacity to anticipate trends, changes and new critical situations in the public sector
    · facilitates initiatives to disseminate knowledge of institutions, to improve civic education and to encourage the participation of citizens in municipal life
    · encourages and co-ordinates the activities of ANCI members in the fields of international relations and co-operation.