• Existing innovative clusters in MED area lead transnational networking activities involving quadruple helix actors related to Smart Cities.

    Resulting international network deriving from the ESMARTCITY project will focus on a subset of the Smart City theme, specifically intelligent districts and smart energy, and smart lighting.

    Different quadruple helix actors coming from business world, academia and research, public / city authorities and policy makers, and citizens and the wider public, will be part of this community.

    Synergies with existing clusters will be sought. This wider networking framework will enhance coordination efforts associated with Smart City enforcement in the MED area. It will make relevant MED actors more visible also at a European level and showcasing the area critical mass in the field.

    ESMARTCITY will facilitate Capacity Building (training), International Partnering (matchmaking and brokerage) and International Cooperation and Networking activities.


    Target group(s): Higher education and research, Regional Authorities, SMEs