Published: 6 May 2022 Registrations open for the Interreg Euro-MED Academy course on Mediterranean green living areas

The Interreg Euro-MED Academy course ‘Achieving green living areas, from buildings to cities and territories’ – co-developed by the Interreg MED Green Growth Community – is open for enrollment. This six-week course will be starting on June 1oth and will provide you with resources focused on the Mediterranean on circular economy, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and clean energy through interactive materials, live events and working groups. Enroll now here!

The course has been designed by experts from the Interreg MED Renewable Energy, Green Growth, Efficient Buildings and Urban Transport communities. The learning programme will provide you with tangible examples of actions, policies, and tools available to apply effective solutions in your local, national, or regional context.

Guest speakers and experts from the Interreg MED communities will guide you through a journey looking into renewable energy production and storage, energy efficiency, soft mobility, sustainable agri-food production, and the interconnections between them.

The learning programme is structured into three courses, dedicated to a specific territorial scale: Green living buildings; Green living cities; and Green living territories. Within these three courses, a series of modules on the circular economy, sustainable mobility, energy efficiency and clean energy transition are available.

The learning programme is designed around a set of challenges to be solved in each course module. The challenges address key topics at different territorial levels: building, community, and city. You will have access to short videos and supporting materials that will set a theoretical framework to address the challenge. You will also receive mentoring sessions with an expert to support you and your team, and quizzes to test your learning progress. At the end of each learning unit, you will meet with all the participants in a live session, present the solutions developed and discuss them with the experts involved.

By attending this course, you will learn new approaches on how to apply available resources designed in and for the Mediterranean, and gain knowledge on how to develop plans and policies in line with Sustainable Energy Plans, Sustainable Urban Mobility Plans, Renovation plans, Energy and Climate Policies, and EU Green Deal policies that support a green transition at the local and regional levels.

The Interreg Euro-MED Academy

The Interreg Euro-MED Academy is the result of the spontaneous collaboration between the eight Thematic Communities (Blue Growth, Green Growth, Social & Creative, Efficient Buildings, Renewable Energy, Urban Transports, Sustainable Tourism, Biodiversity Protection) and PANORAMED, the governance platform, with the support of the Interreg MED Programme’s Joint Secretariat and the coordination of UNIMED – Mediterranean Universities Union (communication lead partner of Sustainable Tourism and Urban Transports Communities). For almost a year, more than 10 organisations have been actively co-developing this initiative to adapt and respond to the Covid-19 pandemic restrictions.


The Interreg Euro-MED Academy’s learning offer is based on the hands-on experience of the transnational cooperation projects funded since 2017, aligned with the Interreg Euro-MED Programme’s strategic vision and designed to meet the learners main exigences, both in terms of learning methodology and subjects to be treated. So, to start with, the Interreg Euro-MED Academy has developed seven stand-alone learning programs on strategic issues for the whole Mediterranean area, which will be available during 2022, free of charge, open to the participation of anyone interested and aligned with the principles of open education.

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