SYNGGI, “Synergies for Green Growth Initiative – Energising the Impact of Innovation in the Mediterranean” is an Interreg Med horizontal project designed as an agile tool that unifies modular project results, supports MED stakeholders and creates a fruitful and collaborative environment for all implicated bodies.




    • Support modular projects submitted under the objective Green Growth of the priority Axis 1. Innovation of the Interreg MED Programme with the aim to strengthen innovation capacities of public & private actors of MED regions, giving them a transnational dimension in line with the targets and strategies of the Managing Authorities for the MED Area.

    The main objective is to build a community network, supported by an agile communication and capitalization tool, that help all MED and extra-MED area stakeholders’ to enjoy the experience and the results done during projects’ implementation and even after their completion.


    Significant effort is given to reinforce “Platform Project” reach EU officials and produce innovative policies.

    • Act as a dynamic network between innovative projects focused on renewable energy, energy efficiency, waste management-recycling, smart cities and ecoinnovation.


    • Obtain the following specific objectives:
      • improve the innovation capacity of MED stakeholders with whom it will interact
      • reinforce their role in EU and international networks
      • adapt results as to produce territorial policies, more efficient and relevant with each territory’s needs.


    • LP – UVic-UCC, Fundació Universitària Balmes – Universitat de Vic/ Universitat Central de Catalunya (Spain) 
    • PP – KQDRegional Council of Durres (Albania)
    • PP – Dynamic Vision, (Greece)
    • PP – Fondazione Ecosistemi, (Italy)
    • PP – CUEIM, University Consortium of Industrial and Managerial Economics (Italy)

    14 Modular projects 


    ARISTOILReinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies related to olive oil health protecting properties);

    CAMARGClusters of Innovative Zero-km Agro-food Marketplaces for Growth;

    EMBRACEEuropean Med-clusters Boosting Remunerative Agro-Wine Circular Economy;

    MADREMetropolitan Agriculture for Developing an innovative, sustainable and Responsible Economy;

    PEFMEDUptake of the Product Environmental Footprint across the MED agro-food regional productive systems to enhance innovation and market value;

    MED GREENHOUSESGreen Growth through the capitalization of innovative Greenhouses;

    CREAINNOVATIONCreate sustainable Innovation in SMEs using creative methods and processes;

    GRASPINNOTransnational model, strategies and decision support for innovative clusters and business networks towards green growth, focusing on green e-procurement in EE/RES for energy refurbishment of public buildings;

    GREENOMED – Mediterranean Trans-Regional Cooperation for green manufacturing innovation;

    ESMARTCITYEnabling Smarter City in the MED Area through Networking;

    GREEN MIND, GREEN and smart Mobility INDustry innovation;

    REINWASTEREmanufacture the food supply chain by testing INNovative solutions for zero inorganic WASTE;

    RE-LIVE WASTEREmanufacture the food supply chain by testing INNovative solutions for zero inorganic WASTE;

    FinMEDBoosting the financing of innovation for green growth sectors through innovative clusters services in the MED area.