• finMED aims to boost the financing of innovation in green growth sectors through improved delivery of policies and strategies and the introduction of innovative cluster services.

    Fostering economic growth and development, while ensuring that natural assets continue to provide the resources and environmental services on which prosperity relies, is no more a choice but an imperative for the economic and social future wellbeing of people.


    Although green transition will not take off without financing and assure the financing of innovation in green sectors has become a common concern for all MED countries and regions.

    To answer this challenge, a pool of regions, clusters, business support organisations, knowledge providers and development agencies joined in the finMED project.



    • Increased understanding, knowledge and capacities related to financing innovation in green sectors by public and private actors in the MED area:

    Cluster and business support organisations will be trained and skilled to provide a support service to their members for facilitating access to finance for innovation; 

    Regional public authorities will be able to make use of differentiated financial solutions to implement green growth policies.


    •  Increased access to finance for innovation in green sectors in the MED area:

    Cluster and business support organisations will become a referent point for issues related to access to finance for innovation for their members and interlocutors towards financial institutions/financers;

    Regional public authorities will increase availability, accessibility and harmonisation of funds for innovation projects in green sectors through the use of adaptive financial solutions.


    • Reinforced, empowered and more coordinated clusters, business support organisations and public authorities in their effort of assuring access to finance in green sectors:

    Cluster organisations will increase their international profile and rise the standards of the services provided to their members (esp. regarding access to finance for innovation) through peer learning and the establishment of permanent linkages with EU financers (EIB, EU wide financial institutions, etc.);

    Regional public authorities will actively assure an appropriate level of financing of innovation of green sectors, by including the access to finance in their political agendas and facilitating linkages among financers and green sectors’ market actors.




To learn about the project you can download the project facsheet