The Green Growth Book is one of the four policy outcomes of the Interreg MED Green Growth community managed by the SYNGGI project.

The main purpose of the document is to support the 14 modular projects or other horizontal projects for an effective planning and implementation of their future capitalisation and transferring activities.


The paper encompasses three main parts:

  • Section 2 dedicated to a short description of the SYNGGI project and the Interreg MED Green Growth Community.
  • Section 3 focused on capitalisation and it is divided into two sub-sections: section 3.1, which includes a detailed description of the capitalisation approach adopted by the Green Growth Community; section 3.2, which provides the lists of both the capitalisation activities already implemented and those foreseen for the future by the 14 modular projects belonging to the community.
  • Section 4 which includes some recommendations for future capitalisation processes.


Interreg Med Green Growth Book