Published: 18 June 2020 EU REGIOSTARS Awards: vote for the Green Growth SYNGGI and CAMARG projects now!

The REGIOSTARS Awards are granted to EU-funded projects which demonstrate new approaches in regional development, organised by the European Commission’s Directorate General for Regional and Urban Policy. With the goal of inspiring other regions and project managers across Europe, participating projects are under the spotlight of communication activities at a European level. Five categories and a public choice award are up for grabs every year, and two of our projects have been nominated! Show your support for the Green Growth Community’s SYNGGI and CAMARG projects by voting!

SYNGGI – the Synergies for Green Growth Initiative – has been nominated for the REGIOSTARS Awards under the category of Sustainable growth: Circular economy for a green Europe. SYNGGI has represented a community of 14 thematic projects in the area of Green Growth. Following the principles of circular economy, it focused on promoting innovation capacities to develop smart and sustainable growth in the Mediterranean. SYNGGI acted as a hub to merge, disseminate, and exploit the community’s projects’ results on eco-innovation, resource efficiency, and waste valorisation, aiming to increase their impact at the policy level, and build their transfer potential to other territories.

CAMARG – Clusters of innovative zero-km Agro-food MARket places for Growth – has been nominated under the category of Skills & Education for a digital Europe.  The CAMARG project explores e-commerce solutions to support small producers (farmers, food artisans, small retailers) across the Mediterranean to directly reach local consumers and be able to compete with mass retailers. Shortening the supply chain in the agro-food industry leads to a reduction of resources used for transport, storage and delivery, and the CAMARG projects contributes to this shift.

The independent jury will choose up to 5 finalists per category, to be announced on 9 July, and with your support we could be one of the finalists!  We would be very grateful if you could support our projects by giving us a “like” on the competition platform:  You just need to click on “show all” to search for our projects in the respective categories (SYNGGI is number 23 in “Circular economy for a green Europe” and CAMARG is number 10 in “Skills & Education for a digital Europe”). Thank you!


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