“Eco-innovation is any innovation that reduces the use of natural resources and decreases the release of harmful substances across the whole life-cycle”.

This fairly new concept, adopted at EU level (Decision No 1639/2006/EC) underlines a sustainable development through the usage of innovative products and processes. Investment in eco-innovation is also very important to ensure Europe’s global leadership by creating new business opportunities, jobs and growth. Having this in mind, the Green Growth Community contributes to develop new solutions to foster eco-innovation.


  • Creating the sustainable Innovation in SMEs by designing, launching and testing e-Labs for Creative Innovation (CREAINNOVATION, Create sustainable Innovation in SMEs using creative methods and processes);
  • Providing innovative green procurement solutions for energy savings/efficient refurbishment of public buildings. (GRASPINNO, Transnational model, strategies and decision support for innovative clusters and business networks towards green growth, focusing on green e-procurement in EE/RES for energy refurbishment of public buildings);
  • Enhancing Mediterranean trans-regional cooperation for green manufacturing innovation (GREENOMEDMediterranean Trans-Regional Cooperation for green manufacturing innovation)


  • Methodology for the development of Electronic Green Public Procurement criteria
  • Guidelines for the Public-Private partnership to achieve EE in Public Buildings  
  • Living Labs (LLs)  to support and strengthen innovative clusters and network for increasing their capacity and competence in green growth and eco-innovation