Agro food sector is well represented by the Green Growth Community projects, reflecting the relevance of food sector in our society for its ecological, cultural, economic and social dimension and impact.

The rising global population and the increasing food demand, the “economic driver” character of agro-food, the environmental and health issues related to water scarcity, contamination and soil degradation: this are only a few of the challenges that Europe, in particular the Mediterranean area, is called to face.


  • Developing and applying innovative production and quality control methodologies related to olive oil health protecting properties (ARISTOIL, Reinforcement of Mediterranean olive oil sector competitiveness through development and application of innovative production and quality control methodologies related to olive oil health protecting properties);


  • Testing and validating an advanced eCommerce solution suited to support small producers in any MED territory characterized by agro-food excellences (CAMARG, Clusters of Innovative Zero-km Agro-food Marketplaces for Growth);


  • Developing a model and implementation of a toolkit for the establishment of 2 transnational meta-clusters circular economy oriented in two leading sectors of the Med Economy: Wine and Agro-food (EMBRACE, European Med-clusters Boosting Remunerative Agro-Wine Circular Economy);


  • Gathering MPA key stakeholders and creating a transnational cooperation in the MED area to foster a change process in the urban food supply model (MADRE, Metropolitan Agriculture for Developing an innovative, sustainable and Responsible Economy);


  • Fostering targeted systemic interventions to green the agro-food supply chain, promoting the market uptake of eco-innovative patterns and maintaining the competitiveness in the frame of the regional Smart Specialization Strategy. (PEFMED, Uptake of the Product Environmental Footprint across the MED agro-food regional productive systems to enhance innovation and market value);


  • Promoting, disseminating & transferring innovative approaches for the establishment of efficient greenhouses in the MED area, minimizing water & energy demand (MED GREENHOUSES, Green Growth through the capitalization of innovative Greenhouses).


  • Policy Paper Towards sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean: the role of metropolitan agriculture
  • Aristometro for measuring the health promoting phenolic compounds oleocanthal (anti-inflammatory) and oleacein (antioxidant)
  • ES-KPIs Economic and Social Key Performance Indicators
  • Report containing the description of PEFMED project, a summary of all the pilot case stuides performed and a final project position paper