Capitalisation in Interreg is an integrated building process aimed at gathering the “capital” as the results/knowledge of programmes/projects used to generate new knowledge to support the development of future policies and programmes.

Interreg MED Green Growth Community activities have been focused on territorial cooperation with the promotion of knowledge and best practices exchange among projects. This process has generated concrete results to transfer and to exploit out of the Community, in different MED countries and territories.

The activities have been advanced by considering the overall Community aim and the Mediterranean socio-economic context. Mainstreaming process has been promoted to enable regional/national policy changes.

The Community has thus identified “Circular Economy” as a common topic for the overall Community in order to align the projects’ efforts with the EU “Green Growth” priorities.

Strategic liaising with key actors have been considered to strengthen advocacy for policy change thus enhancing internal synergies and creating new connections with all the potential stakeholders.

The generated “capital” will help to develop mid/long term strategies to tackle the Green Growth Community issues on more specific fields/thematic areas.

The Platform offers the possibility to Join the Community and to connect with the built network throught the Green Growth Capitalisation Map easly finding out projects, partnerships, stakeholders and results.